Video: AG Barr Goes Full Patriot…What He Does Next Makes Police Proud

    William Barr
    Photo via KerriKupecDOJ Twitter Video Screenshot

    William Barr is a really interesting figure in the Trump administration.

    On one hand, he is frustrating Trump supporters because he refuses to indict a top figure from the Obama administration even though all signs point to abuse and/or criminal activity.

    However, his relentless defense of Trump and his performances when called to testify on the Hill are epic, as he regularly repels attacks from the left and makes Democrats look foolish in the process.

    Then, there are stories like this that we simply do not see from previous Attorneys General.

    Barr, while driving through Virginia, saw a pro-police demonstration.

    Rather than driving right past it or simply giving a police wave, he decided to tell his security team to turn around so he could personally thank them.

    Well done, Mr. Barr!


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