Trump Finally Scores Big Win in 2022 Election

Donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

It took long enough, but a battleground gubernatorial race finally fell in favor of a Donald Trump candidate.

Joe Lombardo defeated Democrat incumbent Steve Sisolak in Nevada.

Sadly, Trump’s Senate candidate did not fare as well, as his race was called in favor of the Democrat this weekend.


Lombardo served more than two decades in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

So, the people of Nevada were quite familiar with the man.

He also served as the Clark County Sheriff since 2014, an area that encompasses about 75 percent of Nevada’s population.

Sisolak is not well-liked among local business owners, including the casinos, due to his strict lockdown policies.

We also want to note that even though Lombardo was supported by Trump, he never supported the idea that the 2020 election was stolen or rigged.

I only bring that up because Trump is putting that out there as the reason why some of his endorsements in battleground states did not win, such as Mehmet Oz.

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The Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) was thrilled with the win.

It stated, “The RGA is excited to congratulate Governor-elect Sheriff Joe Lombardo on winning Nevada’s gubernatorial race.

“After four years of Steve Sisolak’s small business and job-killing policies, Governor-elect Lombardo’s unique perspective as a seasoned law enforcement officer and fiscal conservative will get the state moving in the right direction on behalf of all Nevada families.

“The RGA was proud to be a crucial partner in this race to elect Joe and fire Steve Sisolak.

“Our independent expenditure effort in Nevada was the largest in RGA history and we’re excited to have Joe joining our ranks.”