SICK: Crowd Cheers for Obama Thug After Doing THIS

cop bricked
Photo via Andy Ngo Twitter Video Screenshot

In one of the more disgusting displays of disrespect for our police I have seen recently, and this truly saying something in this day and age, the people of Wisconsin have set a new bar and it is very low.

While officers were responding to riots in Kenosha, someone threw a brick at an officer and hit him right in his head, knocking him down.

As the scene played out and people realized what had happened, the crowd started to cheer, literally rooting for this officer to be severely injured or even dead…

This country is being shredded by these rioters and anarchists and if we elect Joe Biden, it is only going to get worse.

For the most part, Democrats have refused to denounce this violence against police officers, either staying eerily silent or worse, buying into the narrative that all cops are bad.

If we want any sanity to be restored to this country, the only handles anyone should be pulling on election day should have a big (R) next to them!


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