She killed a 2-year-old baby… OH MY GOD!

Photo via Sandy Springs Police Department (Fox News)

What kind of a sick person kills a two-year-old child?

The crime sounds horrifying, and it is, but that is exactly what 29-year-old babysitter Kirstie Flood has been charged with.

According to the report, Flood has been charged with “two counts of murder, malice murder, aggravated battery, and first-degree cruelty to a child.”

When Flood was initially interviewed, she stated that the child had hit her head on a slide and never woke up, but the autopsy said differently.

The police also checked Flood’s recent internet searches and found queries for “what type of people enjoy abusing other people’s children” and “what does it mean to have a sudden urge to beat a child that’s not yours.”

The child’s mother, Kristin Fridley Gantt, stated, “It’s like she snapped,” the child’s mother, Kristin Fridley Gantt, told the news station. “It’s like this evil was in front of my face for years and I never saw it.”

You can read more about this report on Fox News.