REPORT: Waters and Omar corruption EXPOSED

Waters and Omar
Photos Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

If I told you that once a year, you could make some flyers and mail them out and I would pay you $240,000 to do it, how excited would you be to have that job?

Well, that is the exact job that Maxine Waters’ daughter has.

New filings show that Waters paid her daughter that sum to create slate mailers during the 2019-20 election cycle.

What are slate mailers you ask? Well, they are nothing more than flyers with approved candidates that are mailed out to voters.

Or, if you are Maxine Waters, they are a way to take bribes for your support and to spread the wealth to your daughter.

It doesn’t stop with her, either, as filings also show that Ilhan Omar cut another check to her husband for consulting services for about $138,000… this is the cherry on top of the roughly $2.8 million sundae he has already received from her campaign.

Nothing to see here, though, right? After all, Joe Biden did the same thing for his sister for four decades while he was Senator, so it must be legal!

Source: Fox News