Dem Senator Sinema Owns Sad Border Bill Compromise Which Cost Her Support


Arizona’s renegade Senator Kyrsten Sinema had a perfect opportunity to secure another term, by helping to secure the border, but she blew it. Not only does she back the total sell-out compromise, she wrote it. All she had to do was hold the line, force Joe to follow well established immigration law and stop the invasion. Instead, she wrote the compromise provision guaranteeing him the right to import up to 5,000 more per day. It looks like the decision on running again, which she’s been putting off, has just been made for her.

Sinema sidelined herself

Conservatives in Arizona were willing to give Kyrsten Sinema a chance at keeping her job another six years. She just shot herself in the foot, though. The border state’s far-right voters file as independent rather than Republican, because the GOP’s been such a mess for far too long.

The Democrat turned independent proved herself to be just a shade more conservative, in her time on the job, than her predecessor. That would be Republican Jeff the Flake. After him, the GOP tried to force Martha McSally down voter’s throats and that backfired horribly.

The Grand Ole Party is even more of a circus today. Arizona’s GOP chair Jeff DeWit just resigned in disgrace, after he was caught on tape offering Kari Lake a bribe to stay out of the senate race. When that fertilizer hit the fan, it blasted back all over Lake.

As the Trump loving sycophant walked out on stage at a recent GOP fundraiser, she was stunned to get “booed so loudly the sound carried through a cavernous megachurch’s auditorium into the lobby.” They were telling her they would rather vote for Sinema than someone they can’t talk to in private. Not without fear it will ruin their career or send them to jail.

Lake is totally convinced that calling the election rigged is enough to qualify her for the job of senator. Arizona voters aren’t convinced. When she first popped up on the scene, she couldn’t even get the weather reports right.

The RINO republicans might like her but the far-right independents and even-farther-right Libertarians haven’t been drinking Kool-Aid from the Republican Party punch bowl. Which is why Sinema stood any chance at all.

Border bill dead already

The only thing that can be said about Sinema in her defense, at this point, is that she’s taking full responsibility for her actions. When Bret Baier over at Fox News quizzed her about the border bill, noting it was “painful to get through,” the Senator agreed there were a lot of moving parts to it.

Baier couldn’t see how anyone could even read the thing, much less figure out where the $118 billion was going. She read it.

Not only did she “read the whole thing,” she had it “close to memorized.” That’s because she wrote the Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act. As an independent, she talked both sides into letting her try and hammer out a compromise.

She gave it a good shot and to her credit, it was a deal they all could agree on. The problem was they aren’t the only decision makers. Sinema made deals that conservative Republicans aren’t about to sit still for.

Before the text of the bill was made public, bits and pieces of it leaked to the press and that was enough for it to be declared dead on arrival in the House. “Republicans had become concerned with potential issues in the bill leaving alleged legal loopholes for illegal immigrants.

That means the 300-page deal which “bundles aid to both Ukraine and Israel into the border security reforms” is going straight to the trash. Any chance Sinema had for re-election just went into the trash along with it. For the GOP, it’s back to the drawing board. Maybe by November, they’ll have an actual qualified conservative on the ballot for independents to vote for.