REPORT: Trump Votes ‘Mistakenly’ Omitted from Vote Totals

Voter Fraud
Photo Courtesy of Phil Roeder via Creative Commons License

Michigan has now officially become the center of voter fraud allegations for the 2020 election.

A new report broke those vote tabulations were off because someone reportedly hit the “wrong button” when they submitted votes.

State Rep. Shane Hernandez (R) reportedly spotted the discrepancy when he noticed no absentee ballots were being recorded for President Trump.

The error was eventually corrected, but if the mistake is made once, there is absolutely a chance this has happened in other counties

Hernandez stated, “I saw that there were missing votes in the County and worked to find them, and realized the absentees were missing.

“Activists need to check every County for votes like this, this was a complicated election and the Presidency might very well come down to a few thousand votes.

“I was able to find these problems just sitting at home, I hope everyone looks into this and finds and fixes any problems.”

Michigan officials are pushing back against voter fraud allegations, saying they are all baseless claims by the Trump campaign to put doubt in the integrity of the election.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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