Rep. Clyburn Has Epic Meltdown on National TV

Jim Clyburn
Photo via GOP War Room YouTube Video Screenshot

The nonsense that spews from Democrats that goes unchecked continues to amaze me.

That line that used to be there has not only been crossed but actually completely erased.

So, before you watch this, keep in mind that Fox News recently cut away from a Kayleigh McEnany press conference because she was talking about voter fraud.

Here, however, we have Rep. Clyburn comparing Trump to Hitler and calling him a dictator.

He sounds like someone that has lost his mind and is completely unhinged…

This comes AFTER Joe Biden’s camp has been fairly open with the media that if Republicans hold the Senate, Joe Biden plans on using Executive Orders almost solely to run the government.

If there is anyone that resembles a dictator at this point, it would be Joe Biden, NOT Donald Trrump.