Obama Netflix project leaked… it’s DISGUSTING

Barack and Michelle Obama
Photo Courtesy of Ennoti via Creative Commons License

The party that keeps telling us they want to unite keeps doing everything it can to drive a wedge between conservatives and liberals.

Donald Trump, win or lose, is still going to have tens of millions of hardcore supporters in this country.

Democrats don’t seem to understand, however, that they cannot continue to kick them in the teeth and expect them to offer a peaceful hand, something that will be especially true of Trump loses his legal battle to overturn the election.

To that point, Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company has secured the rights to “The Fifth Risk,” an anti-Trump book that was released in 2018.

That book will be the subject of another Netflix project by the Obamas that is part of their megadeal with the online streaming service.

The “comedy series” will undoubtedly be a non-stop assault on the Trump administration, something that will NOT sit well with Trump loyalists.

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