Melania Trump Health Alert… She Just Tested…

Melania Trump
Photo Courtesy of Anthony Quintano via Creative Commons License

Our First Lady finally broke her silence regarding her COVID diagnosis.

Ever since she tested positive, it has only been Dr. Conley and President Trump giving updates.

However, on Wednesday, she broke the news that she has finally tested negative.

However, she did drop a bombshell that nobody was aware of… Barron also tested positive for COVID.

Melania stated, “Naturally my mind went immediately to our son. To our great relief he tested negative, but again, as so many parents have thought over the past several months, I couldn’t help but think “what about tomorrow or the next day?”

“My fear came true when he was tested again and it came up positive. Luckily he is a strong teenager and exhibited no symptoms.”

“In one way I was glad the three of us went through this at the same time so we could take care of one another and spend time together. He has since tested negative.”

You can read more about this report on Fox News.