Missouri Convicted Murderer Finally Executed

Lethal Injection 2
Photo By stokkete

A man convicted of a double homicide in 1996 has finally had his initial sentence carried out.

Carman Deck brutally murdered two people for no reason at all.

After robbing them through a ruse, he stood over them, then fired shots into their heads.

He was sentenced to death in 1998, but it took until this week to carry out his sentence.

Legal System

While I fully support the death penalty, this is the problem with it… by the time the sentence is carried out, does it really matter?

In this case, Carman, who was in his mid-20s when he committed the horrific crime, was able to continue breathing for more than two decades before his sentence was carried out.

How is that closure for his family?

His attorneys used every legal loophole and trick they could find to have his death sentence overturned three times over the last two decades.

Finally, in 2020, an appeals panel reinstated the penalty, and the state of Missouri finally stuck the needle in his arm.

Deck knocked on the door of an elderly couple who were the grandparents of an acquaintance.

He pretended to be asking for directions, but when they let him in, he robbed them and made them lie face down on the floor for 10 minutes while he pondered what he would do.

He then shot them both in the head, was eventually captured, then pleaded guilty to the murders.

James and Zelma long have been dead for 26 years, while Deck was able to continue to breathe.