Media COVERUP Exposed

Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot (via New York Post)

Remember how the media went absolutely bonkers over the Story Daniels story against Trump?

Or, how about how they waited for ZERO evidence before pouncing all over Justice Kavanaugh when allegations against him surfaced?

So, why is the same attention not being paid to credible allegations made against Cuomo by a former staffer?

In this day and age of #MeToo, where allegations are supposed to be accepted as true until proven otherwise, why is the media completely ignoring the Cuomo story?

In fact, the only major report I could find was on Fox News…

You have to ask… why are stories about Democrats buried and why stories about Republicans are not even vetted before going viral.

The answer is a simple one… the mainstream media, for the most part, is now state-run media and has simply become another arm of the Democrat party.

We are no longer hearing the news but rather the news the media wants us to hear and how they want us to hear it.

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You can read more about this report in the New York Post.