Latest Polling Bad News for GOP in Georgia

Election Vote
Photo By joebelanger

The GOP is bouncing off the walls today after the latest Quinnipiac University poll came out.

Governor Brian Kemp had a commanding lead against Stacey Abrams, which is now all but gone.

Herschel Walker had flipped polls over the last month to take a two to a three-point lead.

Now he is trailing and trailing badly.

What Happened?

I wish I had an answer to that question.

I honestly thought the ship had been righted and the GOP would pull off both races.

Abrams and Senator Warnock (D-GA) have been rocked by scandal after scandal over the last month.

Apparently, voters in Georgia prefer corrupt government officials.

Abrams has now closed the gap to Kemp and only trails by two points (50-48).

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If this poll is accurate, Warnock has roared out to a six-point lead (52-46).

This could be an outlier poll, as these results are not aligned with the Real Clear Politics average.

However, even that is trending against Republicans right now.

If Abrams gets into the governor’s mansion, this state could be lost forever.

If Walker loses the Senate race, it will be virtually impossible for the GOP to take the Senate.

These races all have major repercussions for 2024 as well.

We were hoping to take a slight advantage in the Senate in 2022 then possibly beat the filibuster in 2024.

Now, we could actually give the outright control over to Dems, then have to fight them back to get the majority in 2024.