Joe Biden Caught Red-Handed… He Can’t Get Away With THIS!

Joe Biden
Photo via Trump War Room YouTube Video Screenshot

Joe Biden has stolen other people’s words so much, I have lost count.

He started his plagiarism addiction in law school during his first year, swiping about five pages of a document and submitted it as his own.

In 1987, Biden’s word theft ran rampant, stealing from both Kennedy brothers, a theft that ended his presidential hopes.

In addition to the Kennedy boys, Biden stole from then-Labor Party Leader Neil Kinnock.

Biden not only stole his words, he stole parts of the man’s life story and tried to push them off as his own!

Crazy Joe, during this campaign, has been caught plagiarizing multiple times, most notably when he stole other climate change plans and put them up on his website as his own.

Instead of holding him accountable as they did in 1987, the media accepted the excuse that it was just an oversight and Biden’s team finally cited the works AFTER the problem was discovered, and the media shrugged its collective shoulders, said, “That’s just Joe,” and moved on.

Well, now he has done it again.

During a recent speech, Biden stole from a speech that Boris Johnson gave about five months ago…

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When is someone going to hold Biden accountable for this?

If the media won’t, we have to. If Biden appears at a town hall or a rally near you, show up armed to the teeth and call him out on every instance of plagiarism past and present.

Source: Real Clear Politics