Democrats are Coming for Your Guns, Video Shows Their Agenda

Gun Confiscation
Photo via Associated Press YouTube Video Screenshot

During the Democrat National Convention (DNC) this week, Americans were put on alert.

If Joe Biden wins this election, we can more or less kiss the Second Amendment goodbye.

They are doing this cleverly, mind you, not exactly coming right out and saying it, but make no mistake, if Dems are given an inch on this, they will take a foot.

Here is just one of the attacks against the Second Amendment from the convention…

And here are two of the reaction videos from Day 3 of the DNC…

Keep in mind, Harris has been pushing gun confiscation since she entered the race, trying to cover it up by calling it a “mandatory gun buyback program.”

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If it is mandatory, it is confiscation, so don’t be fooled by the slick language Dems are using.

You can read the full report on the Washington Free Beacon.


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