Chicago Spirals Out of Control, Mayor Has Lost Touch of Reality…Hundreds Arrested

Photo via Frank Calabrese Twitter Video Screenshot

You know all those “mostly peaceful” protests that have been going on in Chicago?

Well, as Mayor Lori Lightfoot goes on camera every day and lies to the American people about the state of her city, videos are blowing up all over the internet showing what is really happening in that city.

People are getting beaten up walking out of hotels…

Windows of stores are literally being driven through so rioters can steal…

It’s bussing

Posted by Dion Gipson on Monday, August 10, 2020

While police chase some looters, others take their place…

And look at the scene outside this Walgreens…

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This has to be stopped and Democrats clearly could care less.

If they did care, action would be taken to get these thugs off the street rather than hiding the truth and enabling this madness every night.

You can read the full report on Fox 32 Chicago.


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