Actress Anne Heche Burned in Fiery Crash

Photo via Fox 11 Screenshot

Reports are now breaking that actress Anne Heche has been severely injured in a horrific crash.

Reports have surfaced showing Heche being removed from a car with burns all over her body.

Heche reportedly crashed her vehicle into an apartment complex.

Details of the accident are still coming in.


If you have ever seen or experienced a severe burn, you know how disturbing this is to see and how painful it is for the victim.

From the pictures I have seen, Heche appeared to have burns all over her body.

Witnesses stated that Heche had crashed her car and bystanders were trying to help her.

However, she tried to drive away, but crashed the car again, which is when it went up in flames.

Local reports stated that a bottle with a red cap was spotted in the cup holder of the car, so there is speculation she may have been driving under the influence.

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That could be a leap, however, as there are numerous soft drinks that have red caps.

Pictures of Heche tell a different story, though.

One shot that was taken just before the crash shows a very tired-looking Heche, so that surely played into these rumors.

Heche was reportedly intubated at the scene, but she is expected to live.

One outlet reported, “Her condition prevents doctors from performing any tests to determine if she was driving under the influence of alcohol.”

Heche also has a previous history of substance abuse.

Her representatives did not comment on the accident as of this writing.