Trump was Right! EXPLOSIVE Details Emerge

Donald Trump
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Since 2016, President Trump and his supporters have claimed the Russian investigation and the case against General Michael Flynn were all a sham.

While the left has claimed this is all conspiracy theory nonsense, new reports seem to prove that Trump had it right all along.

FBI Texts Tell the Tale

The text chain from FBI agents working on the case is more than disturbing.

Not only does it support Trump’s claim that this was all a witch hunt, but it also seems to show a blatant coup that apparently had the approval of the upper echelon of the FBI.

At one point, the agents discuss getting insurance because they know their jobs will be at risk and “hard questions” will be asked if anyone ever digs into this investigation.

Here is a breakdown from Tucker Carlson…

You can read more about this as well as see the full text record on Chicks on the Right.