Trump-backed Sarah Sanders Wins Nomination in Arkansas


One of Donald Trump’s top allies is one step closer to moving into the governor’s mansion in Arkansas.

In Tuesday night’s election, Sarah Sanders, Trump’s former Press Secretary, grabbed the GOP nomination.

Sanders’ main competition was a radio host named Doc Washburn, but it was not even close.

Sanders took down 83 percent of the vote, generating more votes than all Democrat candidates combined.

Not All Roses

Trump had a somewhat dominant night, but not on in the one election he really wanted to win.

As good as Arkansas was for Trump, Georgia was just as bad.

Governor Kemp fended off the challenge by Trump-backed David Perdue.

Perdue, in fact, was a non-factor, with Kemp embarrassing Perdue with a 50-point win.

Trump candidates lost several other races, with Herschel Walker being one of the few big wins for Trump in the state.

The media, of course, has already jumped all over this, claiming that Trump is winning the easy elections but failing to change people’s minds when it comes to the close calls.

Everyone will continue to watch Georgia to see what Trump does with Kemp now that he has the nomination.

The race against Abrams will not be easy, but it will be more difficult if Trump refuses to throw his support behind Kemp in the general election.