Wendy’s Customers In REVOLT After Fast Food Giant Reveals Horrible New Plan


I didn’t always work at a job that had a set schedule like the one I do now.

Sure, I might not get out at the same time every single day, but I know within an hour one way or the other I will be off the clock at about the same time every night.

Like I said, I didn’t always work the same hours all the time. I used to be a custodian for a school district where I filled in for whoever had a scheduled day off in the given week.

This meant that there were some days where I would work a normal person’s schedule and some days I would work until eleven at night, sometimes all through the night finishing up when kids were arriving at school.

My point of all is that my food options when I got out of work would be limited depending on the time of day that I was getting off work.

One place that was always usually able to do right by me was my local Wendy’s. It seemed like no matter what time of day it was I could get whatever I wanted.

Now, this may sound like a completely crazy idea, but they sold the same items at 1 am at the same price they did at 1 pm. Wait, what’s that? You don’t think that this is a crazy idea? It’s a normal thing that normal restaurants do?

Maybe we should all get together and tell Wendy’s. Recently during an earnings call the fast food company started mentioning an idea that they called surge pricing.

You might have heard about something like this with Uber, where the price of the exact same service might be a higher price depending on what time of day it is.

So this company that isn’t exactly starving for cash wants to try out something where an item might be more expensive because it might be the time of day when more people are eating.

You have got to be kidding me here. I mean, I remember my mother would take us to Wendy’s when I was a kid and it would always be when she was getting out of work.

And that’s what Wendy’s is failing to realize here is that working folks order from their restaurants. People on a budget. It’s already expensive enough to get food from somewhere as it is.

The idea is that they want to make it more expensive for you just because of the time of day that it is. Dave Thomas would be rolling in his grave if he knew about this.