Welfare Queen Caught Mocking Hardworking Taxpayers


The American welfare system is an absolute garbage fire. I don’t know any other way to put it.

I remember when I was about eleven or twelve, both my parents lost their jobs at the exact same time.

My mom went to the welfare office and applied for assistance and ended up getting some kind of food stamps and a check every month for the couple of months that we needed it.

That’s the key part, needed it. Both my mom and my dad spent every last day trying to find jobs and as soon as their first paychecks came from their new jobs, they called the welfare office and told them to stop sending the stamps and the check.

People used to have pride, ya know. When people were down, they wanted to try and get back up as quickly as they could.

Now, there are far too many people who look at it as a badge of honor to be as our friends in England would say it, on the dole.

They like to talk about how much free stuff they are getting from the government.

It’s actually kind of funny, because if most of them put the effort into getting free stuff that they should be putting into actually working they wouldn’t be in this mess.

And we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in paying for all of it.

First off, there are far too many people making purchases with food stamps that they shouldn’t be making. Like lobster for example.

Oh yes, there are people on food stamps that are going out and buying lobster.

Like this lady you’re about to watch. To prove how much she can get from the government, she went to a store in her area and bought a lobster.

She then cooked the lobster to apparent perfection. Then you would think that she would sit down, drown it in butter and eat it herself.

Nope, she fed it to her dog. She was making a mockery out of all of us that worked hard our whole lives.

If there is one thing that this proves to us it is that the welfare and food stamp system need to have a good solid cleaning out.