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    The tensions in the middle east are starting to get ramped up again.

    With Benjamin Netanyahu back in power in Israel, terror attacks against the people of Israel will not go unanswered.

    Palestinian militants can expect another wave of attacks after a terror attack was responsible for injuring seven people and killing three.

    Violence Continues

    Tensions started to tick up again between Israel and Palestine when a video surfaced of Israeli police entering a mosque.

    The police were very physical with attendees, but the entirety of the incident was not in the video.

    It was later revealed that the police were responding to a disturbance in the area and that many of those responsible had barricaded themselves in the mosque.

    After that video aired, however, dual missile strikes hit Israel from Gaza and Lebanon.

    Additionally, Palestinian militants went on a rampage, with two British-Israeli sisters being shot and killed in a West Bank settlement.

    A second attack took place, with a man driving his car on a bike path in Tel Aviv, killing one man and injuring several more.

    Israel responded with a missile attack of its own.

    Netanyahu ordered an air strike into both Lebanon and the Gaza Strip in the area where the attack had been fired.

    An Israeli Defense Force (IDF) spokesperson noted that they are hoping hostilities simmer and that Israel will only answer violence with violence, and quiet with quiet.

    In the meantime, PM Netanyahu has activated reserve forces to “confront the terror attacks.”