Hunter Biden Videos Spell Big Trouble for Joe

Hunter Biden
Photo via Fox News YouTube Video Screenshot

Joe Biden has a serious problem on his hands, or at least he should.

A new batch of Hunter Biden material has been released, and it is downright disturbing.

Hunter Biden is caught in just about every compromising position one could imagine.

As if that is not embarrassing enough for Joe Biden, it shows that Hunter Biden is clearly a security risk, which makes Joe Biden a security risk.

Disturbing Videos

We have everything from prostitution to drug use to self-manipulation, to put a PG-13 slant on it.

This video is the lightest of the three, with Hunter hanging out at a pool naked with a gal pal.

That is not necessarily problematic, but having Hunter stare into the camera while fondling himself, well…

Now on to the really serious problems for Joe and company.

This is hunter arguing with someone over how much crack is on the scale…

And yet another in the shower with what is believed to be a prostitute while smoking what appears to be crack…

The videos were released as part of a massive 4Chan hack that took place.

With how deep the Chinese have their talons dug into Hunter Biden, how can Joe be trusted?

If it comes down to selling out this country to protect Hunter, do we really trust Joe to make that decision?

I am just waiting to see how much longer the mainstream media decides to ignore this story.

We all know that if Hunter’s last name was Trump, this would be all over the headlines.