VIDEO: Student Nearly BEATEN TO DEATH – Teacher Did NOTHING

Student Beaten
Photo via Twitter Video Screenshot

Schools today are the hot topic of conversation.

One thing that often gets overlooked in our schools is the violence that occurs in classrooms.

I just finished watching an absolutely horrific video on this very subject.

If the student is not arrested and the teacher does not lose her job, there is something inherently wrong with the system.

Brutal Beating

Now, we have no idea what led to this altercation between these two girls, but I can say without a doubt that it was inexcusable.

The fact that a teacher stood by and did nothing other than verbally tell the girl to stop, and students filmed rather than helping, shows how desperate the situation has become…

The beaten young girl took dozens of shots to the back and side of her head.

Keep in mind that her face was also being pounded into the desk every time she took a hit.

She was clearly unconscious by the time the girl stopped.

Reports surfaced afterward that the situation was far worse than that…

Clark County School District Police were eventually called to the scene, but obviously far too late.

The school tried to put the kybosh on the video being circulated, stating, “We strongly encourage students and members of the community not to share footage of this incident or any other student fights.

“Showing this video serves no purpose other than to further ridicule and embarrass the victim and embolden bullies.”

I am honestly not sure what is worse… the fact the teacher did not jump in to stop the fight or the fact that students were either filming or laughing about it.

I disagree with the school district completely… that video needs to be shown to everyone because that is the reality of what can happen in schools today.

It was just horrifying to watch and simply inexcusable that it happened.