Video RELEASED… Brutal Attack Captured


The much anticipated Paul Pelosi attack video has finally been released.

I have to say, just about every report we have seen was dead wrong.

Quite frankly, the reporting on this has been shameful.

Regretfully, we based our reporting on those outlets, so we have to get this one right.

All Wrong

Initial reports stated that Paul Pelosi referred to his attacker as his friend.

The reports also stated that the attacker was in his underwear when police showed up.

None of that was correct.

When Pelosi called the police, he was saying that the man in his home was saying he was a friend.

As you will also see in the video, the man was fully dressed.

Paul Pelosi appears to be in his underwear and a dress shirt, undoubtedly just throwing on a shirt to come down to see what was happening.

Here is that aspect of the attack…

Additionally, there was speculation about the break-in being staged and Paul Pelosi possibly romantically involved with the man.

There is security footage that shows the break-in as well as explaining why the glass was on the outside of the home.

As you can see below, the attacker shattered the door with a hammer and was pulling the glass outside, which is why it may have appeared that the door glass was broken from the inside…

Our fault was trusting what are supposed to be reliable outlets and we apologize for any misreporting on this matter.