Top Conservatives TURN on Trump…

Donald Trump
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

I honestly thought I might be the person on the podium on this one, but I am far from alone.

Watching Trump’s rally in PA on Saturday, I got disgusted and angry.

There was Donald Trump taking a cheap shot at Ron DeSantis for no other reason than he fears DeSantis may run against him if he decides to run for president.

Bad Move, Donnie

If Trump can keep it about the issues, he wins.

He would get overwhelming support in the party.

Trump wanted to slap himself on the back for his poll numbers in the GOP when he was supposed to be talking about two congressional candidates.

While rattling off the numbers, he took a shot at Ron DeSantis…

It makes no sense.

DeSantis is, by far, the most effective Republican governor in this country, and he is an ally, yet Trump is slapping a nickname on him like he is RINO or Democrat… and it was not funny in the least.

If I sound pissed, I am.

Trump has a massive nut in his Save America PAC that should be going to support his candidates in these tight races, but he is not spending a penny.

I get him spending money on rallies, but the majority of the money is going to pay his legal bills.

After betraying his donors, now he is going to take a shot at DeSantis? Sorry, no… I cannot get behind that, and I am far from the only one…

This is not about you, Mr. Trump; you would think that you would have learned that by now.

And we all know you are doing well in polls, but how are your candidates doing?

Well, every one of the battleground candidates could lose and if they do, it will be your fault for talking about yourself when you should be talking about Mehmet Oz, JD Vance, Herschel Walker, and Blake Masters.

You also have to do more than just win the primary. That only gets you to the dance. You MUST win the general election or it is a fail.

If you continue to have this need to take down everyone in your path, including allies who are pushing your MAGA agenda because you deemed they wrong you in some way, you will have no shot.

The situation could not possibly be better for Trump right now, yet he still figured out a way to screw it up and piss off the very people that have supported him from the outset.