They Came Back From Commercial And Caught Sean Hannity In The Act -VIDEO-


A member of my family works as a production assistant at a local television station in Michigan, and one time when we went to visit them in advance of a family reunion I was invited to watch a news broadcast be produced from behind the scenes.

To be fair, I was standing behind what I was told was soundproof glass watching about ten feet away in the room where the floor director usually sits. That being said, it was pretty darned cool watching everything go down the way that it did.

The most interesting part was what the newscasters did in the middle of the commercial breaks. One of the news anchors, and I have been sworn to secrecy on the exact one, did something that I simply could not believe.

They had a commercial break that was exactly two minutes long, and he had to use the restroom REALLY bad. I mean like doing the little dance bad. As soon as they cut to the commercial, he runs to the restroom offstage, and at about fifteen seconds left until they go back live on the air he’s still in the toilet.

They yell to him to come back immediately, and he runs out of the bathroom like The Flash and onto the set.

The problem is, that he tripped and fell right into the newsdesk. Luckily, he was bought another thirty seconds by a pre-recorded video that played when they came back from the commercial.

It’s always fascinating to see what goes on behind the camera, and we were afforded this opportunity by one Sean Hannity recently.

I’ve listened to his radio program and watched his television show for what seems like forever. But as it is with most people of fame, you only really know what goes on when they are in front of the camera.

You never really know what goes on when they are at break. Well, at least until now.

During a recent broadcast of his show, they came back from a commercial and it seemed that he didn’t exactly see or hear the cue that they were coming back from a commercial.

For just a fraction of a moment in time, the camera caught him with a vape pen in his mouth. Now, I’m not exactly the biggest smoker in the world and find vape pens to be rather strange to begin with; but he’s got a pretty stressful job.

It’s not like he can dip out to the street in the middle of a live broadcast to grab a quick smoke. Those commercial breaks are often as chaotic behind the scenes for talent as a live broadcast is.

So of course liberals have been trying to paint him as the devil for getting caught smoking a vape pen on camera. I wouldn’t worry about it if I were Hannity, if he cured cancer they would accuse him of putting medical professionals out of work.