The Second This “Supercop” Showed Up, They Realized They Made A BIG Mistake [VIDEO]


I spend part of the year in the state of Florida, and one thing I can tell you is that I spend a lot of time at the beach.

One of the byproducts of that is that you end up seeing a lot of stuff that you would be able to classify as insane or just plain weird.

Sure, you get the people wearing bathing suits that look like they are being held on by nothing but duct tape and wishes.

You also get the much more hateful thing of people that decide to get completely and totally hammered, then proceed to make complete and total asses out of themselves.

The type of people that I just mentioned are the type of people that usually find themselves in contact with the police. Put it to you this way, if you are talking to a uniformed cop while you are on the beach; chances are something bad has happened.

I wasn’t present for what I am about to tell you but centered around an incident that took place on St. Pete Beach in Florida. Officer Bryan Bingham parked his ATV on the beach, showing up to respond to an incident.

He barely had time for the engine to stop before other folks on the beach began walking over to him and describing two people who had been threatening them.

He looked over and saw two groups of people fighting among themselves. Now, the fact that he was all by himself would have been a problem to just about any other uniformed officer.

Bingham, however, is sort of like if you gave a brick wall a badge and the authority to arrest people. The man is massive.

So Bingham walks over and begins taking someone down as you will see in the video. He subdues the man and while he is holding him and waiting for backup to arrive, some complete lunatic tries to intervene on his friend’s behalf.

Not exactly the best decision in the world, because Bingham took him down as well. Then the most amazing thing happened, people began cheering on the cop. It was like watching a scene from a movie where an officer is a one-man army.

I don’t know what got into these people’s heads to start trouble to begin with, I mean there are so many better things to do on a beach than fight.

That being said, if I saw this cop coming my way I would probably do anything he said. These two punks definitely should have.