Taylor Swift Fans LIVID After List Of Banned Items At Concerts Revealed


It seems that there is barely a day, hour, or minute even that there isn’t something that comes out about everyone’s favorite liberal golden calf Taylor Swift that just makes you want to pull your hair out.

Before the point where she started dating NFL player Travis Kelce, I was able to find myself successfully sequestered from anything and everything to do with Taylor Swift. The problem is now, she’s everywhere and it is getting maddening.

Even some Taylor Swift fans are starting to get to the point where they are beginning to say that enough is enough. They are beginning to get priced out of even being able to attend some of the concerts that she is putting on.

Imagine that, a liberal entertainer who makes ridiculous choices when it comes to the pricing of their concerts. The same thing happened with Bruce Springsteen in 2023 and now Taylor seems to be following the same model.

So let’s say for example that you are someone inclined to buy a ticket to one of her concerts and then you just go and enjoy the show right? Wrong, there’s a laundry list of rules when it comes to being a Swifty on parade.

Call me old-fashioned, but we probably shouldn’t have so many rules when it comes to going to see someone perform. The rules should more or less be limited to showing up, paying money, and then enjoying the show.

Don’t be a jerk to those around you, and don’t try to hijack the show and make it all about you.

Recently a list of prohibited items came out that people aren’t allowed to bring to a Taylor Swift concert. Some of them, despite being who we are talking about here, actually make a tiny bit of sense. Don’t bring your drone to the show.

All right, I will give them that one. It would be pretty silly to bring what’s essentially a several thousand-dollar toy helicopter to a concert with you. That kind of thing could crash in the middle of the audience and knock a bunch of people over.

Then we get into the ones that are just plain silly. Don’t bring your iPad. Umm, ok? No portable cell phone chargers. Wait a minute, that one almost seems like a lunatic came up with that one. Here’s the best one, no Taylor Swift friendship bracelets.

Seriously? That’s like saying you are going to a soup eating contest and they tell you that you can’t bring a spoon with you.

Despite being misguided in their choice of the concert that they are attending, the idea that you aren’t allowed to bring a Taylor Swift friendship bracelet into a Taylor Swift concert just defies all logic.

It’s like going to a baseball game and not being allowed to wear the hat of the home team into the stadium.