Subway Charged Her $1,000 For ONE SANDWICH, And They Refuse To Give Her The Money Back


Every once in a great while when I am on the road and don’t feel like injecting my body with straight grease, I will stop and get something at Subway.

It’s ok as far as sandwich places go. Every time I go in, I will hand them the cash, and a few minutes later I get the sandwich and then eat in the car while I am going down the highway while barreling towards the next stop.

Oh, yes. The cash. You might find this hard to believe, but I might be one of the few people left who pays for every last purchase I make at a restaurant with cash. The reason is that I tend to eat at the same places and order the same things so I know what everything costs to about a dime one way or the other.

People need to keep track of their money a lot better than they do it seems.

Case in point, recently there was a woman in Ohio named Letitia Bishop who went into a Subway that was wedged into a gas station on the way home from work and grabbed a few sandwiches that she thought were going to be somewhere around ten dollars each.

Little did she realize that the cashier for whatever reason accidentally charged her a thousand dollars. Now, I have one of those little things on my phone that if I get charged more than fifteen dollars for something it asks if it was really me, but that’s beside the point.

They charged this woman a thousand dollars and change for a sandwich, and for whatever reason she didn’t notice it until way later. I would have had that taken care of immediately but that’s just me.

Anyway, you would think that getting the charge reversed or adjusted on a mistake this absolutely horrible would be an easy one to make.

The problem is that by the time she noticed that the charge had been made the Subway location itself had closed. Getting in contact with someone from Subway’s corporate offices has been extremely difficult because if you have ever called a customer support line the last thing that they want to do is help customers.

Despite this obvious mistake, her bank hasn’t exactly been any help either for a variety of reasons, one of them being they can’t figure out who at Subway to talk to.

Because of this blunder, she has had a good deal paying her bills since this incident.

It’s unfortunate that we live in a country under the Joe Biden policies where if someone suddenly had a thousand dollars go missing their lives would be upended like this. Hopefully, Subway sees what they did to this woman and does the right thing and gives her the money back and then some.