Steve Bannon Re-Emerges…Drops a Nuke on Everything

Steve Bannon
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

Steve Bannon recently appeared on Tucker Carlson to make some rather revealing statements.

With everything else that was going on at the time, his interview was more or less completely overlooked.

What he said was of no interest to the mainstream media, so it got very little press, but it also exposed the mainstream media, which is why it was really buried at the bottom of the pile.

The interview occurred in mid-September and seeing what we are seeing today, his words ring very true.

In part, Bannon stated, “Attorney General Barr said…this is headhunting of high-profile political targets that are associated with President Trump.

“It’s not random that it was four years, almost to the day, that I took over the [Trump 2016] campaign that this indictment came out.

“What these guys wanted to do was criminalize political speech and make sure I didn’t go back to the campaign.

“What they messed up is, I was never going back to the campaign.

“The campaign is in great shape…they are doing a great job and will deliver a victory for President Trump.”

You can see the full interview below…

You can also read more about this report on Fox News.