Road Rage
Photo via Fox News Video Screenshot

Gotta get there…

That is why I call the drivers that insist on riding your bumper and try to squeeze between cars.

That was the exact scenario in New Jersey when two drivers were feuding, and one got way too aggressive.

Karma, Idiotic, You Decide…

You can see from the dashcam video that the driver of the Accord was losing his mind.

He wanted to get around the truck, but the driver was not going quickly enough to pass the driver in the righthand land to get him get pass.

All of a sudden, the Accord makes a super-aggressive move to the right, then all the way back across, appearing to want to cut off the truck.

The move did not work.

The driver of the truck clearly sped up, more than likely aggravated by the other driver riding his bumper so hard.

The vehicles touched, sending the Accord out of control and off the road, flipping several times…

The driver who recorded the incident appeared to fault the driver of the Accord for initiating the incident.

He stated, “This Accord nearly sideswipes me, then decides to play chicken with the Raptor almost hitting him.

“I guess that p—es the Raptor off and that’s when video starts.”

The driver of the Accord was reportedly okay, so let’s just hope he learned a lesson.