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SHOCKING Pictures Surface… White House PANICKING

Joe Biden
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Some pictures have surfaced online that the White House would prefer not to be seen.

The pictures are from homes in East Palestine.

As if the pictures were not bad enough, the tales residents are telling make it clear we are not being told the truth about what is happening in the small Ohio town.


I realize it hard to leave your home, but I think if I saw and felt what these residents are, I would have turned right around and headed to an attorney’s office.

As people were coming back into town, they noticed a heavy residue that had attached itself to just about everything.

One resident posted pictures of the outside of the home, where the paint was bubbling, presumably from the chemicals that were released into the air.

The city and state say the water and air are fine, but numerous residents are complaining about getting headaches, nausea, and other respiratory issues.

Resident Zsuzsa Gyenes stated, “Today is March 8th 2023. I’m still living in a hotel.

“I just went into my house in East Palestine today.

“Over a MONTH later it still REEKS with the most sickening chemical smell I’ve ever experienced.

“It’s almost getting worse. I can’t live there again, so I invite anyone who doesn’t believe me to come in and see what you think.

“Also, my house is older but the paint on the door has never had bubbles on it like it does now.

“AND this definitely looks like some kind of muddy/dusty residue that’s getting worse outside on the porch.”

She went on to say that she had been home for 15 minutes when her “chest, throat, and eyes hurt.”

You can see the pictures on Fox News… click here.