Shocking Overdoses Caused By Tainted Drug Supply [INFO]


    Drug overdoses are probably one of the saddest ways for someone to die.

    Without getting on a soapbox too much, it is one of the most preventable types of death. You would think it would just be simple enough for people to not do drugs.

    The problem is, sometimes those evil horrible things get a hold of people and don’t let go until it is far too late.

    Give you just one example. When I got out of the military, I had about two months at the end of my enlistment where I had leave saved up. So I went on terminal leave to a small town in North Carolina where part of my dad’s side of the family lived.

    Very rural. Great place to clear your head. I had a cousin named Billy who was about ten years older than me who had a wife and kids. Lived next door to where I was staying on leave.

    Wonderful man. Heart of gold. But not long after I left North Carolina I got a call that he had died of a drug induced heart attack.

    I was shook at the news. It could have been prevented. He could be alive today.

    Drugs have gotten more addictive and worse in the last twenty or so years. There are even new drugs that have popped up in the last few years that even stuff like Narcan doesn’t work on.

    This of course means that if you overdose on this stuff that you are pretty much done for.

    More and more street drugs are being tainted with something called medetomidine, a synthetic animal tranquilizer.

    This stuff can knock out full-grown animals so it is causing some serious damage to the average drug taking population.

    Put it to you this way, if there is someone in your local area that died of a fentanyl overdose recently chances are they took some fentanyl that was laced with this stuff.

    It’s bad news. It’s also one of the reasons why we need to stop the flow of illegal aliens that are coming across the border. We stop that, the slow down the flow of drugs.

    And we don’t have to bury as many friends and loved ones.