Shirtless Fight at Hooters Goes VIRAL… This is NUTS!

"1st Hooters in VT" by 802_VT is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

A fight at a Hooters in Plano, TX, is blowing up all over the internet right now.  

Believe it or not, the fight reportedly started over chocolate bars.  

By the end of the altercation, the manager had a broken arm, a waitress had a bunch of cuts, and the restaurant’s front window had been smashed.  

No Candy Bars… Get Out 

Everything got started when some kids came into the restaurant trying to sell candy bars.  

They were told to leave, and they did.  

They walked out to a couple of cars, which is when all hell started to break loose.  

Several shirtless thugs emerged and came into the restaurant looking for trouble.  

Based on that, this seems like it was very much a candy bar scam, meaning the kids were acting like they were selling candy bars for a charity, but they were more than likely selling them for a gang or a local group of thugs. 

The shirtless thugs rushed the manager and started beating him down.  

When they finally got the manager in the restaurant and closed the door, one of the thugs grabbed an ashtray and slammed it into the window.  

The manager had already suffered a broken arm, and the flying glass reportedly cut one of the waitresses.  

Here is how it all went down… 

Plano PD still had the incident under investigation at the time of this report.