Shep Smith FIRED… Career OVER

Shepard Smith
Photo via CNN YouTube Video Screenshot

Shepard Smith has been canceled.

And I do not mean by the politically correct crowd.

Smith’s “The News with Shepard Smith” has been cut from the CNBC lineup.

Time to Move On

It has been a really bad week for Trump haters in the media.

It was only yesterday that we reported that Jake Tapper was being sent back to daytime TV.

At least he still has a job, though.

Smith is just out.

Much like CNN, there has been a big change at the top of the ivory tower.

The new leadership wants CNBC to get back to what it does best… talk business.

Smith is a biased liberal hack, so he has been sent on his way.

As soon as the new president of CNBC took over, KC Sullivant, he sent out a letter telling staffers things were going to change.

The memo stated, “This is key in our efforts to continue building on our position as the number one global business news brand and to connect with new audiences of all kinds interested in their financial future.

“We need to further invest in business news content that provides our audiences actionable understanding of the complex developments in global markets and the implications on institutions, investors and individuals.

“During times of flux and uncertainty, our place in the lives of those we touch on-air, online and in person becomes even clearer, and more essential.”

His first big move to back that up was to let Smith go, clearly a big statement to get everyone’s attention.

I would say it worked.