Police Reveal Horrific Eyewitness Testimony


October 7 will be cemented in the minds of people across the world as a day of massacre and pure horror. Fast forward to present day and police have received testimonies from witnesses who have come forward to recount their experiences of rape, abuse and desecration of bodies that occurred on that day.

Police investigators are working to collect evidence against the surviving attackers who are currently in Israeli custody. This is yet another example of the brutality that Hamas is willing to commit against innocent people in their pursuit for power.

The captured terrorists have admitted to planning a takeover of a city or town in central Israel with designs to take hostages. The mission went wrong when they were met with resistance from security forces, guards, and civilians alike.

The invaders also intended to plant mines across the area as part of their plan before it was foiled by those defending their home turf.

One witness told police about her experience seeing an awful crime committed by uniformed Hamas terrorists – a gang rape followed by murder. She watched them bend someone over before realizing what was happening and then saw one shoot the victim in the head afterwards while others mutilated her body further.

Another person hiding near her reported hearing what she said at the time but did not actually see it occur himself. Zaka volunteers have since recounted stories finding women’s bodies naked with signs of brutalization and abuse all around them, indicating that these types of acts may have been taking place all over Israel during this attack from Hamas terrorists.

Hundreds of suspects are still being held in Shin Bet security service and police custody, although due to emergency regulations they can only appear in court once every 45 days which makes gathering evidence difficult at times. To make matters worse, many bodies weren’t photographed due to their condition and chaos post-attack making collecting evidence even harder.

Police are now scanning through 50 000 video files using facial recognition technology attempting to link suspects up with specific crimes but this process is slow going so far.

A team commander from Hamas’ Nukhba Force involved in the attack has confessed that he had trained his men specifically for this invasion giving them orders like killing children “because they’ll grow up to be soldiers” as well as decapitating individuals “to sow fear among the Israelis” .