People Try to Take Down Cowboy’s Blunt Sign, Big Mistake


When this Florida seafood restaurant owner grew tired of our political climate, he decided to share exactly how he felt by posting a blunt sign up outside his business. Apparently some people took offense by the sign, but that didn’t bother the owner, as he had a surprise for them.

William “Bill” Davis is the owner of Barnacle Bill’s Seafood Restaurant in Sarasota, Florida. As a public business, he has kept his political opinions to himself until recently when he noticed what Democrats were trying to do.

To make a statement about his conservative views, he put up a message on his marquee that read: “NRA MEMBER, CONCEALED CARRY OK, NOT A DEPLORABLE, VOTE TRUMP.” This didn’t go over well with those who had different political views and they tried to retaliate.

But it backfired and instead showed everyone in town exactly where he stands politically.

When liberals found out about the sign message on Bill Davis’ marquee, they weren’t happy. They announced a protest at the restaurant using their First Amendment rights to blast him for using his First Amendment rights.

The liberal turnout wasn’t great but there were some there that wanted him to take it down. On the flip side was the group of Trump supporters who arrived in defense of Bill and his bold message – around 100 people showed up.

As expected with any business making such a statement, backlash ensued from liberal customers who vowed never to step foot inside the restaurant again. Despite this, something unexpected happened – an outpouring of support from conservatives in town.

After all the emails and calls received from liberals saying they won’t be dining there anymore due to their disagreement over politics, business has never been better because of those who are supporting both Bill and his right to voice his opinion through free speech.