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Man Beheads Mother of Two in Broad Daylight


In a disturbing incident, a man was accused of decapitating a young mother of two in broad daylight. But to make matters worse, when more details on the killer’s identity were uncovered, outrage erupted on social media.

Karina Castro was a 27-year-old DoorDash driver and mother of two who suffered a violent end when Jose Solano Landaeta beheaded her in broad daylight. The news of this grisly crime has sent shockwaves throughout the nation and has raised crucial questions regarding immigration policy, mental health, and public safety.

Karina worked as a DoorDash driver and had two children – a one year old toddler fathered by Landaeta and another 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Her family stated that she had obtained restraining orders against Landaeta prior to her death but still interacted with him for reasons unknown.

On the day of the murder, neighbors watched in horror as Landaeta allegedly cut off Karina’s head using a sword in front of her apartment building in San Carlos, California. Police officers arrived to find the gruesome scene shortly after which Landaeta returned with two friends only to be immediately arrested.

Adding to the tragedy, it now appears that he entered America on a tourist visa ten years ago and never left – making him an illegal immigrant.

After additional investigations were conducted by reporters Dan Noyes, it emerged that before her death there were some combative Snapchat exchanges between Karina and Landaeta which included threats from both parties regarding convictions for rape involving minors on one side and potentially exposing said information on the other side.

Social media users have reacted furiously to this discovery with many blaming politicians such as Governor Newsom for not taking proper action while others point out that this violation occurred during former President Donald Trump’s time in office too suggesting it is not exclusively a Democrat issue either way.

Furthermore, we now know that Solano was diagnosed as schizophrenic but still drank excessively despite being prescribed medication for his condition – something which adds another layer of complexity onto what was already an incredibly tragic event.