Liberal City Makes STUNNING Move To Totally Abandon Law And Order..


In a move that has unleashed outrage among decent American citizens, the liberal city of Denver has announced plans to defund major parts of the city’s police and fire departments.

The funds that are being funded from these two essential public services are going to apparently be used to house a growing number of illegal aliens that are being welcomed into the city like a champion sports team.

This absolutely insane decision, which is going to be giving priority to the needs of criminal lawbreakers over the security of law-abiding citizens epitomizes the misguided policies of the radical left of our political landscape.

In a time when cities all over the United States are grappling with rising crime rates and safety concerns, the decision to defund police departments is beyond reckless.

This decision in Denver is sending a message that breaking the law of the land will be met with great reward while those who uphold the law are left holding the bag and forced to fend for themselves.

Make no mistake about it, the consequences of these ill-timed policies are going to be felt far and wide for a long time to come.

By stripping the funding from such essential services, Denver’s leaders are putting the basic safety of citizens in extreme jeopardy. Response times for life-saving calls to the police are going to inevitably increase.

This in turn, is going to be leaving citizens vulnerable to criminal acts and other assorted emergencies.

With fewer resources to combat crime, criminals of all shapes and varieties are going to be given the green light to prey on innocent victims with a head start of sorts to get away with the hateful acts that they are planning

The most concerning aspect of this move in Denver is the message that it is sending to law enforcement officers. These men and women put their lives on the line every day they go to work keeping communities safe.

More than that, the decision to give illegal aliens first dibs at the well we all paid to help dig, it is going to force honest hardworking Americans to sacrifice their basic safety and security.

It is essentially an unjust move.

Think of it this way, imagine if you saved all year to go on a vacation, and when it came time to make the hotel reservations you were told that you had just paid for someone else’s vacation.

Not exactly the fair system of governance we were promised is it?