I have about a half dozen pairs of jeans, and each and every single pair has its own special purpose. You know, like the way one might have separate wrenches for separate jobs.

I have a couple of pairs that are the good pairs, a couple that are the “laying around the house pairs”, and then the pairs that I will basically run until the wheels fall off. They don’t cost much, and I don’t even wash them the way one would normally wash clothing.

These are the ones that the really dirty jobs get done in. The ones that even if I am riding in my truck wearing them I will put a towel down on the driver’s seat.

Like I said, I don’t wash them the normal way you would wash clothing. I take them at the end of the week, or when they finally get to be too dirty and I put them in a moving tub full of detergent. I let them soak for a long, long time. then I pin them to a plywood board, and I spray them down with a pressure washer.

The dirt on those jeans would destroy most residential plumbing.

That being said, you gotta keep your jeans clean and take care of them.

However, something was said recently about jeans from an unlikely source that has a lot of people supremely confused.

Chip Bergh, the CEO of Levi’s has come out in an interview and stated that nobody that buys his product should wash them…ever.

His idea against machine washing a pair of jeans comes from the fact that in the agitation process, it destroys the fabric.

Some of his alternatives to traditional washing almost make me pressure-washing my dirty ones out back a little hard to swallow. He has advocated for a cold water bath mixing water with vinegar and leaving your jeans in that conduction and then rinsing it out.

I don’t know too much about doing that folks. I mean, I have enough money to where I can buy a new pair of pants when I need to so.

I’m not exactly a fan of my bathroom stinking like that stuff they color Easter Eggs with.