Lawyers Everywhere Issuing Dire Warning


I have a friend of mine who is an attorney. We’ve known each other for close to thirty years. Despite being a lawyer, he’s a pretty good person.

He has some common sense ideas for things within the context of the law itself. One time, I bought a used car that had recently had tires put on it by the previous owner.

The owner tried to take back the tires because he was still making payments on them, and my lawyer friend scared this guy so badly with one legal letter that I’m sure the guy is still in hiding.

My friend offers a unique perspective on things, almost the way you might learn new things if you talked to a major league umpire about the game of baseball.

For example, one time he and his wife came to visit. He and I were sent out of pick up some hamburgers for the grill and despite only having six items in the cart; he insisted on standing in a line three people deep to have them check us out rather than using the self-checkout machines.

We stood there for what seemed like forever and when we were in the car he told me about a client that he had who accidentally forgot to scan something and ended up arrested and being held for shoplifting until they were able to be bailed out.

The item in question was a dollar and fifty-cent folder that got stuck to the underside of a bigger item that was hand-scanned at the bottom of the cart.

The problem is that so many actual thieves are using the self-checkout to scam stores, they aren’t exactly in the business of treating any mistake as an honest one anymore.

These self-checkout scam artists are taking three boxes of something as an example and only scanning one of them while making it look like they did; only being charged for one.

Now, you might be completely and totally innocent when everything comes out in the wash. Until that though, you have to be at the mercy of the American legal system which can be a complete and total pain.

I’ve seen other folks who were arrested for accidentally paying for a pound of apples when they got two pounds, only to have the charges dismissed after spending hundreds of dollars on an attorney.

These stores don’t exactly have to present a lot of evidence that they think you stole something to get the police to arrest you. I mean, a lot of people use the self-checkout machines and you have to wonder how many people who get taken into that little security room in the Walmart are people who actually did something wrong.

Don’t use self-checkout. For a million reasons it is just not worth the hassle.