Kim Kardashian LOSES Her Bikini Top with Camera Rolling


Say what you want about Kim Kardashian, but she has accumulated a net worth of almost $2 billion by being a social media sensation.

She started selling her looks and turned that into an empire that now encompasses entertainment, clothing lines, and beauty products.

Not surprisingly, however, her looks still keep everyone coming back.

Beauty and the Beast

Kardashian and Pete Davidson have recently become a thing.

Davidson was a bit of a surprise considering her previous penchant for music stars and athletes, especially considering his usual haggard look.

That aside, Kardashian is still breaking the internet with her stunning photos.

During a recent promotion for her KKW beauty products, a nearly topless Kardashian got everyone’s attention…

In addition to her beauty line, Kardashian also had an amazingly successful career as a TV reality star.

At one point, she was fetching more than $50 million a year for letting the cameras follow her around.

Speaking of cameras… as is obvious from that ad, she has never shied away from getting in front of the lens, usually wearing little more than a few inches of fabric…


Even when she goes out for a night on the town, she seems to have more skin than fabric showing…


Well, that would be most times.

She did have one outfit that turned heads, but not for the skin it was showing…


Her following on Instagram is staggering, fast approaching 300 million followers.

As an influencer, knocking back three or four million likes on a post is about her norm, and you can see why…


That should be enough to get that heart rate up for the day, so now you do not have to do your cardio!

And now, on to the news…

All photos via screenshot from Kim Kardashian Instagram.