Justice Breyer BLINDSIDED

Stephen Breyer
Photo via ABC News YouTube Video Screenshot

The big news of the day on Wednesday was the retirement of Justice Breyer.

Well, as it turns out, his plans were leaked.

Breyer’s hand was forced after someone leaked the information, literally blindsiding him by the report.

Not Yet

Breyer had intended to retire after the current term, he just did not want the information put out just yet.

This was yet another disgusting move by Democrats to bully him into retirement and it was done for one reason and one reason only.

Joe Biden needs positive headlines and Democrats will take nothing off the table in order to get them.

A source close to Breyer stated that he was completely “blindsided” when the reports started to go out.

Fox News reports…

Breyer then did the “right thing,” throwing himself on the sword with pure class.

On Thursday, Breyer formally announced his retirement and gave Joe Biden the headline that he needed…

More importantly, at least for Democrats, Biden is now able to ensure that Breyer’s seat gets filled with another liberal justice.

This is manipulation and bullying at its finest, yet most mainstream media outlets are gushing over Biden’s proclamation that he will appoint a black woman to the court.

One outlet even stated that Biden would be nominating the first African American justice to the bench, as though Thurgood Marshall and Justice Thomas are not black.

The media had finally started to turn against Biden and report honestly, but that all changed yesterday.

Now, the media is all-in on Biden again.

The big push for the midterm elections has begun, and you better believe the media will try to help this administration do whatever it can to keep Democrats in power.