Jake Tapper is OUT… Show CANCELED

CNN-Jake Tapper
Photo via CNN YouTube Video Screenshot

CNN anchor Jake Tapper just got some bad news.

His prime-time show was found wanting.

He is the latest CNN anchor to get booted from prime-time and relegated to daytime TV.

Can’t Hack It

It is not that these anchors dislike Trump so much as it is that they try to work it into every story that they do.

Tapper is actually a good journalist when he can remove his own personal feelings from the story.

Since Trump was in office, however, he just became another hack.

Somehow, some way, he always managed to take a shot.

For instance, on only his second day in the prime-time slot, he stated, “Unhinged lies born from Donald Trump’s grievance that he lost and his refusal to accept reality… this anti-democracy insanity — it has already infiltrated the same halls of Capitol Hill where the rioters once stood … all of this leaves you, the voter, in sort of an impossible position.

“You should be able to walk into that voting booth and vote on issues that affect your life like the economy or crime or education or health care.”

Then, when he finally got an interview with Joe Biden, he threw nothing but softballs at the old man.

Perhaps that is why Sean Hannity tripled his ratings when they were up against each other, pulling a whopping 2.6 million viewers to Tapper’s 854,000.

They keep portraying conservatives as anti-Democracy, but that is the exact opposite of what we stand for.

It was nice while it lasted, Jake, but now you can join your buddy Don Lemon on the daytime circuit.