IDF Makes Chilling Discovery Inside Gaza Home


As Israeli forces make their way further into the Gaza Strip, a group of troops has recently made a startling discovery in one home. This comes as the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) continue their counter-invasion as part of Operation Swords of Iron, which has now entered its thirtieth day.

The IDF have already struck more than 2500 targets in the past week and, on Sunday, November 5, uncovered a wide array of weaponry used by Hamas terrorists.

As part of its operations near Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, the 551st Brigade conducted raids on a home belonging to Hamas terrorists. Among other items, they discovered Kalashnikov rifles, grenades, explosive devices, armed drones and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs).

Protective equipment and ammunition were also found hidden inside for use by Hamas forces against Israeli soldiers within the region.

In addition to uncovering an arsenal of weapons used by terror groups operating out of Gaza, IDF forces destroyed a laboratory used for producing explosives. Some weapons were destroyed while others were brought back into Israel for research purposes – giving authorities crucial insight into how these weapons are being used in combat against their troops.

The Times of Israel reported additional details:

“The Israel Defense Forces says troops of the 551st Brigade scanning residential homes in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza found dozens of weapons, equipment, and intelligence materials.

The IDF says the cache included assault rifles, submachine guns, grenades, explosive devices, protective gear, and drones that are used by Hamas to drop explosives.

Some of the weapons and equipment were destroyed, while some were taken to Israel for further research, the IDF says.

Separately, the IDF says special forces located and destroyed a bomb-making lab in the Gaza Strip today.

The military also publishes a new video showing troops in the Strip.”