He’s Not Fit: Get Biden Out With 25th Amendment, Senator Demands

It's up to his cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and yank him from office.

Joe Biden is clearly unfit to hold the reins of power. Since Joe refuses to step down, it’s up to his cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and yank him from office. His debate performance made clear to everyone that national security is at stake. Influential Republican Senator Thom Tillis made his observation official in a letter to fellow GOP senators on Friday.

Biden needs to go

The “halting answers,” blank stares and general infirmity of Joe Biden at Thursday’s presidential debate made his cognitive decline obvious to everyone. Now we know exactly why Merrick Garland is sitting on those interview tapes. Democrats instantly started calling for a replacement on the ticket but things are much worse than that.

America’s enemies and allies alike got to witness Joe’s mental confusion first hand. He shouldn’t be trusted with the nuclear launch codes. It’s time someone in responsibility did the right thing.

Senator Thom Tillis wrote a letter to his colleagues spelling out what’s on everyone’s mind. He wants Biden’s cabinet “to invoke the 25th Amendment.

If Biden flunks a cognitive test, he needs to be removed from office, immediately. The North Carolina Republican carries some clout as a member of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s leadership team.

On Friday, June 28, Tillis wrote to the Senate GOP conference that Joe’s debate performance, the night before, should set off alarm bells. It’s time to have a serious “discussion,” he notes, about the ability of Joe Biden to serve out the rest of his term.

Forget about the election. Xi Jinping or Kim Jong Un might decide to get cute long before November rolls around and Joe’s not up to the task. If he got one of those infamous “3 a.m. phone calls” he’d roll over and go back to sleep.

Now we know exactly why Merrick Garland is sitting on those interview tapes.

Unfit to perform

For years, conservatives have been grumbling that Joe’s nothing but a puppet who signs whatever he’s told to sign and spends most of the day eating ice cream.

While his handlers have been running the government all along, Joe Biden is still responsible for foreign policy decisions, especially any emergency ones. That’s not good, considering the circumstances.

The debate showed the whole world what Joe’s handlers have been covering up for months. “If Biden cannot speak coherently, articulate his policies, and is unfit to perform after weeks of preparation, how will he perform when America is truly tested by a national security crisis, the kind of historic, high-stakes test his predecessors have been confronted with?

Rumors swirl that Taiwan will be “re-unified” with the Chinese mainland in a week or two.

Tillis knows Joe means well, he’s just getting old. That old Timex keeps ticking along until it suddenly doesn’t. Trump’s already had his cognitive test and passed with flying colors. “I believe Biden is a decent man who cares about the country,” Tillis wrote. “However, time catches up with everyone, and it’s clear his decline is more dire than people realized and the White House has not been as truthful nor transparent as it should have been.

They can’t hide the truth any longer. “Biden is unfit to continue serving as leader of the free world. While he is already well on track to lose the election in November, a lot can still go wrong between now and January 20, 2025.” That’s why he should step aside “for the sake of the country.