GRAPHIC: Body Cam Footage Released When Cops Took Out Nashville Shooter

    Nashville Body Cam Footage
    Photo via Twitter Video Screenshot

    The bodycam footage from the two officers credited with taking out the Nashville shooter has been released.

    They are Officer Rex Englebert and Officer Michael Collazo of the Nashville Metro Police Department.

    The officers did not hesitate to enter the building and within minutes, they put the shooter down.

    Courage Under Fire

    These two officers well very well trained.

    According to their Chief, they came under fire when they arrived, but did manage to breach the building with the active shooter inside.

    The cleared the school room by room until they found the shooter.

    Hale reportedly fired at the officers, but as you are about to see, Hale was no match once these officers had their target locked in…

    The Nashville PD stated, “Chief John Drake and the men and women of the MNPD join all of Nashville in mourning today’s deaths of six innocent persons, three nine-year-olds and three adults, at the hands of an active shooter at Covenant Church/School on Burton Hills Drive.”

    Chief Drake added, “The first call to 911 about shots being fired in the building came in at 10:13 a.m.

    “Officers rushed to the campus, made entry, and began clearing the building.

    “Shots were heard coming from the second level. It was on the second floor, in a common area, that a team of officers encountered Hale shooting (she had been firing through a window at arriving police cars).

    “Two members of an officer team fired on Hale and fatally wounded her.”

    While there was loss of life, it clearly could have been worse.

    Thankfully, these officers showed the courage the Uvalde police should have shown.

    Only 14 minutes passed from the reported shooting until Hale was on the ground dead.

    Well done, officers.