Fort Worth Police Take Down ANTIFA After Protester Attack

ANTIFA Takedown
Photo via Twitter Video Screenshot

It would appear that police in Texas have had about enough of ANTIFA messing around on its streets.

A small group from Protect Texas Kids was protesting a “family-friendly” drag show in Fort Worth, Texas.

They were across the street from the event, not really bothering anyone, when an ANTIFA member just walked over and started to pepper spray them.

It took all of about five minutes for all hell to break loose, which is when the police jumped in and started to arrest ANTIFA members.

Get Them Off the Street

ANTIFA showed up in their usual hidden attire with guns on their side to try to intimidate people.

It did not work out to well for ANTIFA.

After the group used pepper spray on the protesters, police went after the culprits, who tried to run, to no avail.

As the ANTIFA member was being arrested, you can hear him screaming for help, a clear tactic they have used since the George Floyd death, but the officers were not falling for it.

When a “medic” for ANTIFA tried to answer the call for help, she too was dealt with by the officers…

The arrest is great, but now they need to be prosecuted and made an example of.

This group is a domestic terror group, plain and simple, and they must be treated as such.