Florida Sheriff’s Press Conference Shocks Everyone -VIDEO-


Your local Sheriff is probably one of the most resourceful and intelligent people you’ll ever meet.

They are also the most generous and giving. I recall when I was growing up that our county sheriff would head up so many charitable initiatives you would have sworn that he was an executive with the United Way.

The county sheriff is often the most sensible person where you live. Oftentimes, they can look into the notion of the ‘spirit of the law versus the letter of the law’ better than anyone.

Which is why I love the sheriffs down here where I live now in Florida. They are some of the greatest people when it comes to cutting through the nonsense and saying how things are and how the people in the community really feel.

This is why when Eric Straight, a Florida man was arrested and charged after being caught on camera peeping outside the bedroom of a seven-year-old girl, I felt pride in one of my Florida sheriffs.

According to the arrest report, Straight kept knocking on the little girl’s bedroom window and was talking to her without the consent of the parents.

The parents ended up putting cameras outside the young girl’s window and they were caught straight on camera, naked on several occasions.

On three separate instances, he stood outside this little girl’s window naked trying to get her attention.

Now, apparently Eric Straight is a nudist…but seriously pal, keep that mess over in your own house.

It’s clear to anyone with a sense that this piece of garbage was trying to groom the girl into thinking being in the company of a naked man was something that was perfectly fine.

The parents later reviewed the footage and after what was sure to be some serious anger gagging, had Straight arrested.

The beauty of this was when the Sheriff was holding a press conference and was asked about the arrest. From all accounts Straight was arrested without incident, but what the sheriff said was brilliant.

He flat out said that he would have been perfectly happy if the parents had stomped a mudhole into Eric Straight and walked the thing dry.

I certainly wouldn’t have disagreed with that, I probably would have bought them a ham to thank them for taking care of that piece of garbage for all of us.